University Hospital Virgen del Rocío

El grupo REIPI-HUVR trabaja en las siguientes áreas de investigación de la red.
Our multidisciplinary group consists of clinicians, microbiologists, preventive medicine specialists and basic scientists working at on the campus of the University Hospital Virgen del Rocío-Biomedical Institute of Seville (IBiS). Our research lines are the following: a) Microbial Resistance: pathogenesis, virulence and new antimicrobials; b) Microbial Resistance: Non-antimicrobial approaches for their treatment and prevention; c) Nosocomial infections and use of antimicrobials; d) Viral Infections; e) Infections in Transplant Recipients: and f) Infectious Endocarditis and infections in intravascular devices. The principal contributions of the group have been:

The pre-clinical development of a vaccine for the prevention of infections caused by Acinetobacter baumannii and its transfer to the biotechnology sector.
The creation of a biotechnology spin-off company.
The design and successful application of a program for optimization of the use of antimicrobials in hospitals.
Characterization of the immune response against CMV as an indicator of protection against infection in transplant recipients.
Design and development of a diagnostic and therapeutic approach based on risk profile and driven by clinical criteria for patients who do not need antifungal therapy for persistent neutropenic fever.
Characterization of influenza infection in solid organ transplant recipients and development of strategies for improving the efficacy of vaccination, including a clinical trial.
These contributions have resulted in 15 clinical practice guidelines, and 109 scientific articles in journals of the first quartile or decile, with one member of the group as first or last author in the last five years, with a total impact factor of 1,266. Nine patents and three R &D contracts with companies have been generated. This work has resulted in the funding of 72 grant proposals, including the coordination of a grant from the European 7th Framework Programme, with a total value of 11,033,477 euros.

Group Coordinator

Dr. José Miguel Cisneros